Hi !

Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Yves Van den Brouck.  I am 35 years old and live in a small village near Mechelen (Belgium).

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been fascinated by history and airplanes.

My goal is to give history a voice so no one will ever forget what happened.

Robert “Bobby” Laumans was a Spitfire pilot during the Second World War.  He took part in an attempt to escape from camp Stalag Luft III.  Some years later, a movie was made : “The great escape”.   Definitely worth a look.

I hope you enjoy my first story.

You might have some remarks or ideas.

If so, please send me an email : belgianvoicesofthesky@gmail.com

I would like to thank :

E. Greindl Voorzitter NEFOSV

M. Singele LtGen Avi – LtGen Vl

Claude Van de Voorde
 Major General
 Aide-de-Camp to the King Air Component Commander

Peter “Celle” Celis Cdt Vl Vleugeladjudant van de Chef Defensie ADC to the Chief of Defence

Naeyaert Sofie 

André Bar


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good evening Yves,

    My name is Mehdi Schneyders and I am the designer – illustrator who made ” Bobby “‘s portrait. I met him for the first time on Friday November 20th, 2009. It happens at Wavre, where I live actually. I did not know that I lived twenty minutes walk from his home!!! We spent two more enjoyable afternoon ( Tuesday 24th and Monday 30th ), during those I collected all the details. In fact, It’s not so true. I met ” Bobby ” four more times in 2010 ( portrait, interview, Guy Hanze’ funerals and Remembrance Day ), before introducing him to André Bar. There, I learned so many things about his life!!!!!

    I am very happy to see that he is doing well. I have done a bloody good show! I will send you some more stuff about ” Bobby “.



  2. Excellent job, Yves! Thanks for keeping those memories alive. I am looking forward to see some more interesting interviews like this. Until then, I shall recommend your blog to my contacts.


  3. Good morning Yves,

    How are you? I spoke to André Bar on the 6th of April. He told me that you met my friend Henri Branders! Well, I am looking foward to see what you have done with! It should be great!!!!

    Have a nice day.



  4. Oops, see that the comments are in English, sorry:
    It was a great pleasure to see Jan Govaerts back here, a real monument of the Belgian Air Force, it was an honor and a pleasure to know Jan when I was crew chief F-104 in Beauvechain during his years on the Starfighter. All the best Jan, Cheers!

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