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Hi !

Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Yves Van den Brouck.  I am 35 years old and live in a small village near Mechelen (Belgium).

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been fascinated by history and airplanes.

My goal is to give history a voice so no one will ever forget what happened.

Robert “Bobby” Laumans was a Spitfire pilot during the Second World War.  He took part in an attempt to escape from camp Stalag Luft III.  Some years later, a movie was made : “The great escape”.   Definitely worth a look.

I hope you enjoy my first story.

You might have some remarks or ideas.

If so, please send me an email :

I would like to thank :

E. Greindl Voorzitter NEFOSV

M. Singele LtGen Avi – LtGen Vl

Claude Van de Voorde
 Major General
 Aide-de-Camp to the King Air Component Commander

Peter “Celle” Celis Cdt Vl Vleugeladjudant van de Chef Defensie ADC to the Chief of Defence

Naeyaert Sofie 

André Bar



  1. Celle says:

    Nice blog, Yves! Good that those memories are collected and saved for the future.

  2. Hi Yves,
    Great initiative and superbly presented.
    I will put a direct link to your blog on my website “Belgian Wings”.


  3. Serge Bonge says:

    Hello Yves,

    Great Job! Will also put a link an my website.


  4. Good evening Yves,

    My name is Mehdi Schneyders and I am the designer – illustrator who made ” Bobby “‘s portrait. I met him for the first time on Friday November 20th, 2009. It happens at Wavre, where I live actually. I did not know that I lived twenty minutes walk from his home!!! We spent two more enjoyable afternoon ( Tuesday 24th and Monday 30th ), during those I collected all the details. In fact, It’s not so true. I met ” Bobby ” four more times in 2010 ( portrait, interview, Guy Hanze’ funerals and Remembrance Day ), before introducing him to André Bar. There, I learned so many things about his life!!!!!

    I am very happy to see that he is doing well. I have done a bloody good show! I will send you some more stuff about ” Bobby “.



  5. ” Bloody GOOD show “.

  6. Excellent job, Yves! Thanks for keeping those memories alive. I am looking forward to see some more interesting interviews like this. Until then, I shall recommend your blog to my contacts.


  7. Mehdi Schneyders says:

    Good morning Yves,

    How are you? I spoke to André Bar on the 6th of April. He told me that you met my friend Henri Branders! Well, I am looking foward to see what you have done with! It should be great!!!!

    Have a nice day.



  8. JFoster says:

    My dad served as ground grew in the 350 and it looks like maybe some of their times there match.

  9. Oops, see that the comments are in English, sorry:
    It was a great pleasure to see Jan Govaerts back here, a real monument of the Belgian Air Force, it was an honor and a pleasure to know Jan when I was crew chief F-104 in Beauvechain during his years on the Starfighter. All the best Jan, Cheers!

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